Lambrusco Wine Bases 128 oz (1 Gallon)

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Vintner's Best Lambrusco Wine Bases 128 oz (1 Gallon) A blend of juice concentrates, HFCS, malic and citric acids and natural flavors designed to make a fermentable base for merlot wine blend at 18.9oB. The product is blended, pasteurized, filled into gallon containers and stored at ambient temperature. Diammonium phosphate is added as a yeast nutrient. Benefits Of Vintner's Best Wine Bases: - All Natural juice
- 1 Gallon makes 5 Gallons of wine
- 6-8 weeks to finished product
- No PH or acid adjustments
- Shelf stable for up to 1 year
- No refrigeration necessary
- Scalable to any batch size
- Easy and convenient
- More inclusive - add only yeast and water
- Re-sealable jug with tamper resistant seal

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