Fermentaholics Organic Kombucha Live Scoby with Starter Culture

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This products differs from the White Labs SCOBY because it is shelf stable and includes a starter, organic tea, and all necessary nutrients to make a 1 gallon batch.

  • USDA ORGANIC & OU KOSHER - SCOBYs are Certified Organic & Kosher, grown with care and dedication in a fully licensed facility.
  • MAKES 1 GALLON - This SCOBY includes a hand-selected pellicle with 12 fl. oz. of mature, active starter tea; the perfect ratio for a 1 gallon batch. The starter tea is carefully aged to ensure a healthy and successful brew.
  • SUSTAINABLE & AFFORDABLE - Reduce the need for single-use, store-bought bottles by making kombucha at home. Save money AND help reduce your environmental footprint!
  • CREATE, LEARN, GROW -Get creative with new flavoring ideas and brewing techniques. Invite your friends over for a flavoring party or teach your kids a lesson in biology. Makes for a great gift for your favorite project-loving friend.
  • MOST SUSTAINABLE OPTION FOR KOMBUCHA LOVERS - Eliminate the need for single-use bottles and energy involved in store-bought kombucha production. Save money AND help reduce your footprint!

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