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Still Spirits Filter Pro Filtering or polishing of your spirit can be necessary to obtain a purer and odor-free spirit. The Filter Pro is a vertical (gravity-fed) filter and is the latest release from Still Spirits. The Filter Pro will process up to 2.1 gallons (8 L) of spirit at a time using 500 g of Still Spirits Activated Finishing Carbon! With easy-to-use tri-clamps, flow control and a removable door and wall mount, polishing your spirit is no longer a chore! Perfect for home distillers who want to upgrade their existing filtering system or new distillers who want to create the cleanest of spirits from the get-go, the Filter Pro offers a user-friendly solution and superior results! Key Features: Made from 304-grade stainless steel. Filters an impressive 2.1 gallons (8L) of spirit at a time. Fits up to 500g of loose Still Spirits Activated Finishing Carbon to remove unwanted flavors from distilled spirit. Additional filter papers included to prevent dust and carbon particles. Long stainless-steel shaft ensures maximum contact time with the carbon. Filter where you want with the removable door & wall mount. Easy to connect tri-clamps & adjustable flow control.
The quality stainless-steel build means the Filter Pro looks sleek and impressive in any space your customer decides to mount it - made possible with the removable door and wall mounts included. Even the box it comes in is designed to jump off the shelf.
Included in the Box:

Hopper Lid

Wall-mounted bracket

Door-mounted bracket

Mounting fasteners x 2

Filter Column

Ball Valve

Tri-clamp clamps x 2

Tri-clamp seals x 2

Filter papers pack of 5

500g SS Loose Carbon x 1

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