Still Spirits 24 Hour Turbo Yeast

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Still spirits 24 Hour Turbo Yeast Still Spirits high alcohol content. Still Spirits Turbo Yeast 24 (24 hour) isStill Spirits Turbo Yeast 24 (24 hour) uses a mix of yeast nutrients and dry distiller's yeast that are designed for super-fast fermentations that create the best all rounder Turbo Yeast, performing excellently under most conditions. Ferments out 6kg sugar in under 24 hours while producing terrific distillate quality. To maintain the fastest fermentation possible, it's important that the water temperature at start is correct, and only 6kg of sugar is used to achieve maximum speed. For making alcohol, there is nothing faster. We recommend you use Turbo Carbon as it will greatly improve Express Turbo's performance.

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