Neutrocork #8 Micro-Agglomerated 37x22mm 1000 count

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Neutrocork #8 37x22 mm - 1000 Count

This SKU is replacing EZZ6202C in our portfolio. This cork is 1mm shorter.

Form Factor Straight
Material Natural Cork
Composition Micro-Agglomerated
Length 37 mm / 1.45669 inches 
Diameter 22 mm / 0.866142 inches 
Legacy Sizing No. 8 × 1½″

Neutrocork® is the latest in new-generation natural cork closures. This 'micro-agglomerated' cork is composed of small, uniformly-sized cork granules that have been pressed into an individual mold. The result is an attractive, natural closure that is affordable, easy to remove, and extremely durable - so it stands up to mechanical bottling. The Neutrocork® is recommended for wines intended for consumption within two years.

About Cork Dimensions
Most bottles tolerate a range of cork dimensions and still produce an acceptable seal. Wider corks create a tighter seal, but may be difficult to insert with small, handheld corkers. Micro-agglomerated corks compress less easily than whole, natural corks, and a smaller diameter agglomerated cork may have the same fit as a wider whole cork. Longer corks reduce the initial headspace in the bottle, and can also affect changes in ullage during long aging.

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