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* The premium adhesive can be dry peeled from the bottle without the need soak them in water. * The label will not float off in an ice bath nor separate from its adhesive. We supply you with 30 high quality labels for a very low price per label! MacDay labels measure approximately 3.5" x 4" and make beautiful and professional additions to your bottled wines. MacDay labels are self stick and easily removed by soaking them in water for up to 30 seconds. MacDay labels are the answer to the complaint of not using labels because they are too difficult and time consuming to remove. They look great! The background is blank as shown but you can add your name, address, wine variety, vintage year, etc (as shown here). Just add them to your cart and in the comments section of your final order simply type in what you want the label to say such as your name, address, vintage, year of bottling, etc. We'll do the layout work and all you do is peel and stick.

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