How To Make Your Own Quality Craft Homemade Wine

How To Make Your Own Quality Craft Homemade Wine

Posted by Southern Homebrew on 29th Dec 2022

How To Make Your Own Quality Craft Wine

Ever wonder how you can personally make quality craft wine like commercial vineyards from around the world?

Here at Southern Homebrew we offer one of the largest in stock fresh collection of domestic and international wine making kitsequipment and supplies for purchase in our retail store or online at a fraction of retail costs with equal or better quality with your personal touch!  You will simply be amazed with the quality of the wines you make and passionately want to share with friends and family raising your wine glasses and toasting "Yes, I/We Made This Wine!!"

10 Easy Steps Video Instruction

We teamed up with RedHeart Productions to show how you can make your own homemade quality craft wine in 10 easy steps using our top rated wine making kits with easy to follow instructions.

In this video we are making an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz from our top rated En Primeur Winery Series 8-week wine kit. The fruit forward taste is a blend of firm tannins and notes of cassis and toast and vanilla flavours from the American oak create a balanced classic craft full bodied homemade wine! Includes 2 liters of Genuwine Crushed Grape Skins. Fermenting your wine on GenuWine Grape Skins will add deep hues, enhanced bouquet, and a lingering finish.

This particular kit makes ~28-30 750ml bottles of wine in 6-8 weeks for a fraction of the cost you would pay at your typical retail stores for the same quality. All the equipment & supplies you will need are in this video together with a brief synopsis of the wine making process.

Top 5 Reasons To Make Your Own Homemade Wine

Of course there are many other top reasons to make your own wine, but the top 5 reasons are straight forward and easy to relate to!

  1. It's inexpensive (ie Quality Craft Wine At A Fraction Of The Cost)
  2. It's easy with our kits simple step by step instructions
  3. It's a stress relieving hobby
  4. You'll always have enough wine to share
  5. You'll have fun making it on your own or with friends & family.

Appreciation For Bringing Wine Making To Life

A lot of hard work, time, effort and learning went into the making of this video. We would like to give a special shout out & thank you to all the special team members mentioned below who brought the fun & rewarding process of making homemade quality craft wine to life!!

* Production Credits: RedHeart Productions

* Director of Photography: Joseph O'Connor

* Assistant Camera and Editor: Ron Bowjack

* Directors: Tzvia LoRusso; Alexandra Balda

* Actors: Teo Ciltia; Alexandra Balda


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