AEB Fermoplus Integrateur 1 LB

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Fermoplus Integrateur is a nutrient formulated to achieve the best possible fermentation run. It supplies the yeast with all the elements needed in order to produce wine with more complexity and aromatic intensity. Besides increasing the increasing the level of readily assimible nitrogen, Fermoplus Fermoplus Integrateur also supplies the must with vitamins, sterols and microelements, thus increasing yeast cell viability and producing a strong and active population, capable of depleting sugars even in musts with a high alcoholic degree. When used during the 3rd-4th day of fermentation, it reduces to a minimum the occurrence of reduced odors and, in white wines, it prevents the formation of mercaptans or other oV-odors that may develop during the post-fermentative storage. In case of slow fermentations or late additions of concentrated must, a suitable addition of Fermoplus Integrateur, possibly combined with a short aeration, re-establishes the ideal conditions for the development of yeast cells.

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