1000L Marchisio Marble Finish SS Tank w/ Tri - Clamp Var-Cap (1000x1500)

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1000L Marble Finish SS Tank w/ Tri - Clamp Var-Cap (1000x1500)

Manufactured by Marchisio; this is the very best Italian variable capacity stainless steel fermenter for wine! This tank is perfect for wine fermentation and aging. It features a lid that sits on the surface of the wine and inflates to expand and create a seal on the edges of the tank. Inflation is performed with the included air pump. For smaller volume fermentations use the included rope for lowering the lid down into the tank.

It comes standard with a two-stage waterless airlock that attaches to the lid. The check ball design allows CO2 to escape during primary fermentation and seals the tank when CO2 is not being emitted. A 1/2 in. Stainless Steel ball valve at the bottom of the tank is used for draining and sampling purposes.

In addition to winemaking, these variable capacity fermenters are perfect for large-scale kombucha, cold brew coffee, cider or other types of large-scale production. Great for wine fermentation as well as long term aging and storage. Making large-scale fermentations is actually much easier and quicker since there is less sanitization, fewer preparations and less batches of wine are required to be made to achieve the same quantity produced using a tank.

The perfect practical alternative to regular at home wine making equipment!! 1000L Tank stand is not included, sold separately.

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Quality Craftsmanship
This tank is a professional piece of at home winemaking equipment manufactured by Marchisio S.p.A. of Italy, a recognized world leader of winery equipment since 1950. These brand of tanks are used by professional wineries around the world. The tanks are made of heavy-gauge, 304 stainless steel with a beautiful, polished-marble finish.