Southern Homebrew Raspberry Margarita Ultimate Wine Slushie Quick And Easy Mix

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Southern Homebrew Raspberry Margarita Ultimate Wine Slushie Quick And Easy Mix
Transform an ordinary bottle of wine into a cool party drink! Just stir mix with (1) 750ml bottle of wine and (1) 750ml bottle of water, freeze, and serve. Our made from scratch Raspberry Margarita flavor combines the tart taste of raspberries with a sweet red table wine or your favorite beverage for a slushy that's bursting with tantalizing flavors!!! A note on preparation: Consider purchasing one or more of our many fruit puree's or fruit wine bases to add even more rich flavor to this popular concoction. We also suggest a range of water/ice ratios to allow you to decide whether you want to make a strongly flavored slush or make a larger quantity of slush. Either option will produce a satisfactory result. Non-Alcoholic Options: White Grape Juice (in place of white wine); White Cranberry Juice (in place of white wine).
Wine slushies have been around for quite awhile now and are also known by different names. But actually, it doesn't really matter what you call it tho, this is the perfect alcoholic and non-alcoholic concoction that is ideal for all occasions. Adults and Kids will love these mixes!! For the Adults, you can use Wine, Liquor, Ginger Ale or your own favorite mixer. Parents, your kids and their friends will love these flavors with various fun non-alcoholic mixers - Water, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, 7-Up, Fresh Fruit and so many others. We all know you can slushi-fy any of your favorite wines/mixers, but the quality of the ingredient mix flavoring is huge in having salivating slushie's all your friends can't get enough of!! Our slushie mixes are time proven and customer tested since 1988 at state fairs, wine expos, wineries and other venues!! Holy Hanna folks that's 28 years and still going!!! We strive to always offer you the best and easiest to make flavors on the market today. So throw some frozen fruit, your choice of wine, and maybe some ice cubes into a blender, and pour it into an icy glass. It doesn't get much easier than that to make approximately 15 glasses of cocktails with a kick from a single flavor mix. The possibilities of kick ass cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are only limited by your imagination!!! Having a big party, event, other occasion needing bulk quantities or just like buying in bulk???? Call or email us regarding our 25lb bucket versions that make the equivalent of 50 packages or approximately 750 glasses of your favorite slushies!!


These special blended slushie mixes are a great product.
We're confident you'll come to love these mixes just as you do our other homebrew products!!
Share with family and friends, it will warm the hearts and the palates of all of your guests. Excellent within three months, these wines will age wonderfully: if you can keep any that long!

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